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Get ReCHARGED with Baptist de Pape, a lawyer turned author-filmmaker and traveled around the globe to interview the world’s greatest teachers in the film and book, The Power of the Heart.


What people are saying about The Resilience Element

Francis is someone who has great energy and an equally great heart to match his energy. He’s someone who encourages me to think about things in different ways and to always think bigger. When I hit speed bumps I seek him out, as he knows exactly what to say and do to help me bounce back.

Susan Charara
Marketing Strategist

Breakthroughs come every now and then, but the most important thing about Resilience is feeling good and continuing regardless of the obstacles. Francis is a great help in fueling that fire for me.

Keaton Bessey
Director of Property Management

“The Resilience strategies I invested in with Francis helped me launch my Podcast, publish my Book, and stay accountable for other important projects that impact my business. Smart people invest in time saving tools…and Francis’ program is one of those tools.”

London Porter
iBiB Podcaster, Creator, Author

Francis is an exceptional amazing soul. His wisdom and knowledge is as great as his humor, kindness and compassion. His passion and positive energy is contagious and touches everyone around him.

Niloofar Chitsaz
Medical Doctor